At Rodolfo Castro, Our Kids Inspire Us

We launched our company with a desire to find children’s products that fit our aesthetic and passion for modern design. But most importantly, the kids had to love it.

The GoModern Rocker, our first product and our signature piece, came about after we inherited a decades-old family heirloom rocking chair. We weren’t happy with the old-fashioned styling. So I did what came naturally to me—created something new. As a gift for my daughter on her first birthday, I built a totally unique rocking chair, with a patented, easy to assemble design that required no tools or hardware. She loved the design, we loved the modern styling, and an idea for a children’s furniture line was born.

As a seasoned designer, I’ve been conceptualizing and building things for as long as I can remember. I believe in creating products that are remarkably stylish, simple and modern—but they have to be highly practical and environmentally responsible, too.